What to Know for Pr. George's First Day Back to School

The first day of school in Prince George's County is quickly approaching -- find out what you need to do to prepare.

As August approaches, parents, students and schools are gearing up for the first day back to school, which just happens to be almost exactly one month from now. 

Though it may seem like the summer couldn’t possibly be almost over, on Aug. 20, Prince George’s students will be heading to bus stops with backpacks filled with new notebooks – so it’s time to start preparing for the start of the school year. 

Parents should register students for school prior to Aug. 11. According to the county, students registered after this date will not have transportation to school, and students who are registered after Aug. 12 will not receive a school schedule until Aug. 26. 

Once students are registered, they will be able to access they’re schedules online on the SchoolMax Family Portal starting Aug. 15.

In order to register, students need to have completed the necessary immunization requirements and have documents showing proof of age and residence.

Pretty soon, local Targets and Staples will be flooded with parents trying to buy last-minute school supplies – from notebooks, to backpacks, to rulers, to No. 2 pencils – so be your students are fully stocked for the first day.

Over 30 schools have changed their start and end times since last year, so as Aug. 20 approaches, check out the county's website to see which ones have switched.

For more information about the proper registration documentation, a list of schools with new start and end times and a full list of requested school supplies visit the county’s back-to-school web page.


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