Navy Breaking Ground on New Academy Health Clinic in 2013

The 105-year-old Naval Health Clinic on Wood Road will be replaced with a new $59 million facility.

The Navy plans to break ground on a new health clinic for the U.S. Naval Academy in July 2013.

"The existing facility is functionally obsolete, aged, beyond its useful life and cannot deliver the level of care necessary to support eligible beneficiaries," Navy spokesman Edward Zeigler said. "The risk of building system failures and subsequent danger to patients and staff will increase as the clinic infrastructure goes increasingly beyond life expectancy."

The Navy built the current health clinic in 1907 at 250 Woods Rd., and Zeigler said its layout and design does not respond well to today's modern standards.

"The insufficient size and obsolete design of clinics and ancillary functions will negatively impact quality of care, staff efficiency, effective resourcing and emergency/disaster response," Zeigler said.

In fact, the building is old enough to have its own ghost lore. SyFy Channel's show Ghost Hunters recently featured the Woods Road facility as potentially being haunted by a murdered Marine.

The new facility will be built on Kincaid Road near the Navy Exchange at 321 Kincaid Rd.

The Navy has no plans to tear down the Woods Road facility, but Zeigler said he didn't know what would be done with the building. 

The new clinic will be more than 100,000 square feet and provide primary care, pediatric care, orthopedics, dental, optometry, pharmacy, mental health, radiology, physical therapy and preventive medicine.

The facility at Bancroft Hall would remain open for midshipmen.

The Navy expects construction costs to be about $59 million for the project. Zeigler said the Navy hasn't awarded any construction contracts yet—although it is receiving bids.

He said the Navy anticipates releasing a design plan in January, breaking ground in July and opening the doors to the new clinic in February 2015.


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