Pinsky Says No to Gambling in Prince George's

But admits that a casino at National Harbor would boost the coffers of local government.

Maryland State Sen. Paul Pinsky (D-Prince George's) said that he will not be voting to expand gambling to Prince George's County.

In Pinsky's October email newsletter, the senator outlined his position on what he said are the three most important ballot measures facing Prince George's County voters in the coming election: gambling, same-sex marriage and the Dream Act.

Pinsky on Question 7—Gambling in Prince George's

Pinsky wrote that gambling is an "irresponsible" and "unfair" way to raise revenue.

"I have long opposed gambling and personally will be voting no on Question 7," wrote Pinsky. "Because gambling is usually more common among lower income groups, it objectively amounts to a tax on the poor. Gambling revenue is unlikely to result in extra state money for education."

But Pinsky, while opposing gambling in Prince George's, did say that a casino at National Harbor would boost the coffers of local government. 

"I'm sympathetic to the argument that National Harbor might actually be the best location for gambling in the state, strengthening the new commercial efforts there," wrote Pinsky. "And while statewide, the increased revenue might not be realized, gaming at National Harbor might bring in increased local revenue to our county."

Pinsky on Question 4—Maryland Dream Act

Pinsky said he would support the Maryland Dream Act, which would allow undocumented, income-tax paying Maryland high school graduates to pay in-state tuition at public universities and community colleges.

"These students are already attending our K-12 schools, but then are effectively excluded from attending college because they are charged the unaffordable out-of-state rates at our universities and community colleges," wrote Pinsky. 

Pinsky on Question 6—Same-Sex Marriage

Pinsky said that he supports the marriage equality bill up for referendum vote this November. 

"It is time to give gay and lesbian couples the same rights to mary enjoyed by heterosexual couples," wrote Pinsky. "I have long believed that marriage is a civil right and legislation legalizing same-sex marriage is needed to end state-sanctioned discrimination."

In all, Prince George's County residents will be voting either for-or-against seven different state referendum initiatives and seven county charter referendums, the full details of which can be found on the Maryland State Board of Elections website

Pachacutec October 17, 2012 at 01:54 PM
I've asked the question of many people and have yet to get an answer; why, all of a sudden THIS year, is there such a huge push to get gambling in the State? Casinos have been in other nearby States for a long time, but it seems the pressure to get casinos going in Maryland has become a top priority?! Anyhow; not many years back, when charities were running casino games in MD and the counties/State weren't getting a cut, all of a sudden the govt. people start going on about how the games led to moral decline, how the games involved criminal elements, and so on. But now, when the government DOES stand to get a big cut, suddenly it's fine, dandy, and to the advantage of every citizen in Maryland, to support legal gambling? Hypocrisy at its finest.
Jacques Chevalier October 20, 2012 at 11:54 AM
Same sex marriage approval should be amended to allow opposite sex married couples wherein the MAN can have multiple wives to help in the shortfall of availabe men,especailly Black men. This will help RG III and his kind of having to marry outside his race to allow the wealth to stay within the Black community and Redskins fans whom are Black. And you can LOL I am mostly serious.
Nick October 20, 2012 at 10:13 PM
Good thing poor folks have Sen. Pinsky to tell them how to live, otherwise they might be... uh... poor. Actually it's not surprising that the party of slavery remains the party of minority paternalism.
Bob October 21, 2012 at 01:09 PM
Does anyone else find it ironic that the Politicians who, when Erlich was Governor, found everything in the wrold wrong with casinos are now the cheerleades for expanding the same programs? (they were also the ones who screamed "environmental impact" about the ICC when Erlich brought it up and are now praising the traffic relief) Does the ord "hypocrit" come to any others miind? Does anyone really believe this is "for the children"? Just because O'Mally and others do commercials and say the money will go to education because "it's the law" does not mean they will not be moving money previously marked for education in the General Fund to some other program they wish to fund. "Trust" and "politician" are two words that recently do not go together well with me.


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