Pr. George's Headlines: Alleged Robber Burns to Death in The Act, 17-Year-Old Girl Fatally Shot

Police investigate death of officer killed in beltway crash, dinosaur footprints at NASA Goddard from three different species, and local high school highlighted for hunger fight.


A police officer died while he and his partner pursued suspects; a woman burns to death in a taxi after allegedly attempting to rob the cab driver; an honors student is shot and killed in her bedroom; dino tracks at NASA Goddard; high school takes on hunger issue—in Prince George's County headlines this week.

Police Arrest Suspect in Beltway Crash That Killed Laurel Officer

Adrian Morris, a District 6 police officer died while he and his partner pursued the suspects from an alleged theft. 

A gunman entered 17-year-old Amber D. Stanley’s home on Chartsey Street Wednesday night and .

Thirty-year-old Jacqueline Renee Savoy burned to death in the back of a taxicab in Bowie last week after allegedly attempting to rob the cab's driver and set him on fire by dousing him with an unknown fire accelerant. The driver was able to escape the car with minor burns. The incident is still under investigation. 

Goddard scientists study outer space on land where dinosaurs once roamed, including fierce carnivores, and newly discovered dino prints prove it, dinosaur tracker says.

Local and national policy leaders gathered at Northwestern High School this week to discuss a new survey of teachers that shows more children are coming to school hungry, and are unprepared to learn as a result.


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