Higher Sewer, Water Fees May Hit Bowie Residents

The proposed increase would take effect in July if approved by the city and county council.

Some Bowie residents could see their water and sewer bills go up by as much as 10 percent beginning in July, if the city and county councils approved the proposed budget, reported the Gazette.

About 7,900 primarily residential accounts would be affected by the increase of about 10 percent, which would amount to an additional $12 over three months for households that use 16,000 gallons of water per quarter, Bowie City Manager David Deutsch said, according to the Gazette.

Deutsch said the increase is necessary in part to help build up reserves in the water and sewer fund, which is self-sustaining, reported the Gazette.

The Bowie neighborhoods that would feel the pinch of the proposed 10 percent increase are those serviced by the City of Bowie Water System - Bowie Forest, Buckingham, Chapel Forge, Derbyshire, Foxhill, Grady’s Walk, Heather Hills, Idlewild, Kenilworth, Long Ridge, Meadowbrook, Overbrook, Rockledge, Somerset, Tulip Grove, Victoria Heights, Whitehall and Yorktown.

Bowie’s final public hearing on the budget is scheduled for 8 p.m. on Monday, May 7, at City Hall. The council should vote on the final budget later this month.

Residents serviced by the Washington Suburban Sanitation Commission customers may also be facing an increase. WSSC has proposed an average 7.5 percent increase, which would amount to an additional $14.58 per quarter for residents who use around 19,000 gallons per quarter, WSSC spokesman John White said in the Gazette.

The Prince George's and Montgomery County Countils are expected to vote on the WSSC increase on May 10. 

For more on increasing water and sewer bills in across Bowie, read the full story on the Gazette.


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