Harford County Election Results

See how Harford County voted in the 2012 election.

The following are unofficial results reported by the Harford County Board of Elections. State results, italicized below Harford County numbers, are from the Maryland State Board of Elections as of 9 a.m. and are also preliminary.

Romney-Ryan: 58.41%
Obama-Biden: 38.99%
Statewide, Obama-Biden: 61.4% and Romney-Ryan: 36.5%.
FINAL: Obama re-elected President. 

Dan Bongino: 36.8%
Ben Cardin: 34.32%
Rob Sobhani: 27.54%
Statewide, Cardin: 53.5%, Bongino: 28.2% and Sobhani: 16.9%.
FINAL: Cardin re-elected to U.S. Senate. 

Andy Harris: 70.16%
Wendy Rosen: 24.04%
Statewide, Harris: 63.7% and Rosen: 27.2%.
FINAL: Harris re-elected to first congressional district. 

Dutch Ruppersberger: 53.25%
Nancy Jacobs: 43.5%
Statewide, Ruppersberger: 64% and Jacobs: 32.7%.
FINAL: Ruppersberger re-elected to second congressional district.

 FOR  AGAINST Question 7  46.96%    53.04% Question 6  44.12%  55.88% Question 5  58.07%  41.93% Question 4  41.02%   58.98% Question 3  86.12%  13.88% Question 2  84.76%  15.24% Question 1  84.22%  15.78%

Statewide, Question 7: 52% for and 48% against; Question 6: 51.9% for and 48.1% against; Question 5: 63.5% for and 36.5% against; Question 4: 58.3% for and 41.7% against; Question 3: 88% for and 12% against; Question 2: 87.9% for and 12.1% against; Question 1: 87.7% for and 12.3% against.
FINAL: All referenda items passed in Maryland.



FOR AGAINST Question A 80.76%   19.24% Question B 53.28%   46.72% Question C 63.29%   36.71% Question D 70.65%   29.35% Question E 75.31%   24.69% Question F 83.73%   16.27% Question G 61.31%   38.69%

FINAL: All Harford County charter amendments passed.

HarfordCountian December 26, 2012 at 08:22 PM
It is sad to see that Harford County has reverted to a bourgeois area rifed with extreme republican views which promotes hateful ideals. As a direct result, there are not many professional people of which to speak still residing in Harford Co. As for the beautiful farms for which Harford Co was well-known, they have been sold and divided into subdivisions, with many of the farmers having moved to Baltimore Co. Some of the blame falls at the feet of the school system. When comparing school systems across the state, Harford Co. pales in comparison to other jurisdictions. This issue is a fact, in that, Harford Co. fails to have any school on the US News & World Report Mag. and has only one school on the Washington Post's list of top MD school - C. Milton Wright and it is at the bottom, near 1000. However, for those of us who love the way Harford Co. used to be, what can be done? The subdivisions have ensured that the right wing extremists are sadly entrenched into the voting block. This ensures that Harford Co. remains outsiders, with respect to the State of Maryland, having built no bridges which could help the county - as the current political system has isolated the populous from the State power structure. Again the State Reps have such extreme views and use hate speach against the power structure, that there doesn't seem to be any hope. As a result, it appears, unless different people are willing to run for State Office, Harford Co. will remain detached and isolated.
Deborah Cornett December 28, 2012 at 01:57 PM
Harford Countian maybe the only one with a distorted view is you. Yes Harford County has many issues and we truly are missing great leaders. Maybe it's because when we do get someone who wants to do better they are faced by haters like you.After all your babbling and your quotes from a distorted magazine you perceive as the Holy Gospel.Some of the quotes weren't even correct (yes the rest of us can read the same article) but we took the time to find out how they collected the data and what they used to rate the schools. Which is the whole problem you want to number things and the rest of us can see the good in all. A child after all isn't just a test score. My only prayer is that you never get a chance to hold a public office.
Deborah Cornett December 28, 2012 at 02:06 PM
Harford Countian if you want to know why there is not all the family farms in Harford County anymore it's called being greedy. A few families in town only saw the dollars being offered to them by greedy developers and they didn't care what it would do to the county they just saw the dollars and once one had more cash then the other they all sold out because it was easier to cash in there parents hard work then actually work themselves. Then they have been running around town flashing the money every since.
HarfordCountian December 30, 2012 at 09:42 PM
Ms. Deborah Cornett, as you seem to be representing the newly influx families from 1970's to present, your information is not true. Country Life has moved to Baltimore Co but still owns the Harford Co property. But, I assume you are raging on the Boniface Family. You shouldn't speak about them this way as you don't know the circumstances to their sales.
Deborah Cornett December 31, 2012 at 02:38 AM
Dear Harford Countian, as usual you are jumping to a bunch of false assumptions not only was I here long before the 70's but I have had family members here for much longer my daughter is the 18th generation Harford Countian on one side of my family so back up and try again. Oh and know I'm not raging about the Boniface's our families paths have crossed many times and on the few occasions that I have met them I have found them to be lovely wise people that don't jump to quick unfounded conclusions prior to collecting appropriate information much unlike yourself.Your problem is you are so quick to jump to false conclusions that you don't take the time to know all the true facts. Once again I pray you never have the opportunity to serve in public office.


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