Ground Broken on Halethorpe MARC Station

A ceremony marked the start of construction on Monday.

Gov. Martin O'Malley and luminaries from all levels of government were in Halethorpe Monday morning to break ground on a new Halethorpe MARC station.

When completed in about two years, the station will have two 700-foot elevated platforms, shelter from the elements, and a pedestrian walkway accessible by elevator, making the station compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Del. James Malone said the groundbreaking was the culmination of 17 years of work to bring a new station to Halethorpe, which serves about 1,300 commuters each day.

"To draw people to transit, we need to provide facilities that are convenient, accessible and safe," O'Malley said during the groundbreaking.

Fred Smith April 06, 2011 at 11:16 AM
While this is great for the community and the station, it means two more years of hell for the residents of Southwestern Blvd who live north of I-95. It's a problem now with the inconsiderate commuters who park in front of our houses, barely leaving us room to back out of our driveways, not to mention having to pick up the trash that they toss on the sidewalks on their way to the station. I have seen my share of commuters hurling bags of trash from their cars during their morning commute into our neighborhoods, and one too many accidents caused by illegal maneuvers in a quest to make it to the train on time. I can only hope that the new and improved parking will alleviate these problems!!!
Walt April 06, 2011 at 11:59 AM
A picture is worth a thousand words goes the old saying, and the picture with this article screams of government incompetence. A ground breaking! What a sad joke this is. These "men" had to have a "sandbox" of loose soil constructed so they could be seen utilizing a shovel. These people are so divorced from the real world they have to be treated like children so they can pretend to engage in it. The picture is a great euphemism for modern liberal government. Work and money had to be expended so these members of the "chattering' class coud create the illusion of being workers. I believe those shovels have even had their spoons painted gold because no government official, one of the "people", could possibly been seen holding a vulgar raw steel work implement. How touching the flowers. And the hard hats are so convincing! What a sad state of affairs the dumbing down of the vote has produced.
Sharon Zinkand April 08, 2011 at 05:54 PM
No one cares about the residents who live along the route to the train station on Southwestern Blvd. All and any politician I have tried to talk to about the congestion, the parking, the trash and the rudeness of these commuters just gives a nervous laugh and off they go. Our lifes have been changed, not for the better since the train station has caught fire and brought these estimated 2000 commuters into our enviroment. More air pollution, more noise pollution... Who likes to woke up every morning at 4:30 a.m. not only by the traffice noise as they whiz by to get their train but the honks and screeches. No one has EVER asked our opionions... the ones who are affected by this. So many times I have asked; Why not make it a left turn only as they come out of the parking lot? I95, I195, and I695 are right up and over the hill and a lot less residents would be affected. Put signs up to that affect. It would easet the traffic traveling North on Southwestern Blvd when they realized how much easier it would be to get on there way home.... Oh wait but that would keep them from the businesses in town, and we all know money speaks to the ones who have their businesses in our neighborhood and to the politicians. Again the litte man has no say.


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