City of Bowie Employees, Officials Receive Pay Increases

Employees will receive a $1,000 bonus and a 1 percent salary increase in fiscal year 2013.

City of Bowie employee paychecks will be a little fatter when the new fiscal year begins in July.

So will those of the city council.

The Bowie City Council approved $1,000 bonuses for each of the city's 312 full-time employees, reported the Gazette.  

“It’s in recognition of the employees’ contribution to the city,” City Manager David Deutsch, told the Gazette.  “It’s additional compensation that’s not built into the wage base.”

Full-time employees will also receive a 1 percent cost of living adjustment as stipulated in their labor contract. Last year’s cost of living adjustment was 1.75 percent.

Together, the increases will account for around $412,000 of the city’s $43 million operating budget, which was adopted by the city council on May 21.

Each member of the city council will also receive a pay increase this year of 2.9 percent, bringing their salaries from $13,858 to $14,263.  Mayor G. Frederick Robinson will receive a salary increase of 1.9 percent, from $21,858 to $22,263, reported the Gazette.

You can read the full story here on the Gazette.


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