BGE Defends Smart Meters, Council Concerns Linger

BGE faced the Bowie City Council again this week to defend the safety and prudence of smart meters.

BGE took the podium at Bowie City Hall again last night to answer community questions about smart meter installation, operation and safety.

Questions were raised about smart meter installation notifications at last month's council meeting when Mayor G. Frederick Robinson and Mayor Pro Tem Diane Polangin both stated meters had been installed and they had not received a postcard notifying them in advance.

Several other residents told Patch they had similar experiences, either coming home to find new meters or discovering workers in their yards installing meters without any advance notice.

At the request of the city, BGE imposd a temporary moratorium on installing smart meters in Bowie, but not before approximately 3,500 were installed within city limits, according to a memo by City Manager David Deutsch.

“We believe we adhered to our communications plan in terms of notifying customers,” said Mike Fowler, a spokesperson for BGE. “Where we did find a gap was in our notification of public officials.”

In the presentation that followed, Fowler and Rob Gould, BGE’s vice president for corporate communications, attempted to calm some of the council and community concerns surrounding smart meters.

Gould claimed that data collected by the meters would never be shared.  He also claimed that the radio frequencies emitted from the smart meters was smaller than those emitted by microwaves and cell phones.  

Fowler also assured the council that fears about fires caused by smart meters were actually caused by old socket boxes that house the meters (both new and old) and that the new meters actually contain a technology that notifies BGE if they get hot and a fire may occur.

Even with all of these assurances, members of the council remained skeptical of smart meter installation.

Councilmember Isaac Trouth (District 4) said he still had concerns about the safety of the radio frequencies emitted by the smart meter.

Councilmember Dennis Brandy (at-large) said that although he was not opposed to a smart meter being installed at his home, he did not recall receiving a postcard in advance of installation. He also stated he did not receive a door hanger notifying him of the installation, although he does have a smart meter.

Brady was not alone in his remaining concerns over installation notification. Councilmember James Marcos (District 1) wanted to see more outreach to seniors, and BGE agreed to work with the city to make that happen. Councilmember Henri Gardner (District 3) asked if BGE could further delay installation to give Bowie residents a chance to opt-out of the program. BGE would not commit to this plan.

BGE is holding an additional public information forum on smart meters on Oct. 8 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Smart meter installation is scheduled to resume in Bowie on Monday, Oct. 8. The Public Safety Commission ruled earlier this year that customers have the right to defer the smart meter installation until the matter has been further investigated. Anyone interested in deferring the installation of a smart meter should contact BGE at:

Smart Meter Deferral
P.O. Box 1475
Baltimore, MD 21203

hello October 03, 2012 at 09:33 PM
Neurosurgeon-Shows-How-Low-Levels-of-Radiation-Such-As-Wi-Fi-Smart-Meters-And-Cell-Phones-Cause-The-Blood-Brain-Barrier-To-Leak "Neurosurgeon and researcher Dr. Leif Salford [Lund University Hospital, Sweden] has conducted many studies on radio frequency radiation and its effects on the brain. Dr. Salford called the potential implications of some of his research "terrifying." Some of the most concerning conclusions result from the fact that the weakest exposure levels to wireless radiation caused the greatest effect in causing the blood brain barrier to leak... An argument is sometimes made (not necessarily accurately) to those who express concern about radiation from "smart" meters, Wi Fi, etc, that the radiation emitted from these devices is at such a low level that the public needn't worry about it. However Dr. Salford's studies showed opening up of the blood brain barrier from very low levels of radiation. In fact, Cindy Sage and Dr. David Carpenter write in a 2008 paper (Public Health Implications of Wireless Technologies) it was "the weakest exposure level [which] showed the greatest effect in opening up the BBB [blood brain barrier]." http://preventdisease.com/news/12/091812_Neurosurgeon-Shows-How-Low-Levels-of-Radiation-Such-As-Wi-Fi-Smart-Meters-And-Cell-Phones-Cause-The-Blood-Brain-Barrier-To-Leak.shtml
hello October 03, 2012 at 09:51 PM
The American Civil Liberties Union of Vermont is an organization of 2,400 Vermonters who care deeply about personal freedoms, especially privacy. The ACLU has become increasingly concerned about the collection and storage of data that reflect a person’s individual actions. This data is of great interest to law enforcement, for a variety of reasons. Through litigation, for example, we’ve learned that Vermont law enforcement are obtaining Vermonters’ cell-phone data to track individuals’ whereabouts. Police are utilizing secret proceedings such as inquests to obtain the data. We think that is wrong. The collection of electrical usage data through smart meters represents a similar threat. We believe the following are critically important: • Law enforcement should not access Vermonters’ smart meter data without a warrant. • Any subpoenas or other court orders for a customer’s smart meter data should be presented to the customer him/ herself, not to the utility. The customer deserves the opportunity to contest the subpoena. These procedures accomplish two things: • Customers’ privacy is protected. • Utilities have an appropriate response to data requests from law enforcement or others. We also believe: • Utility customers should decide for themselves whether they wish to have a smart meter installed at their home. Consent must be renewed every two years but can be revoked by the cust http://www.acluvt.org/issues/smart_meters.php
George Karadimas October 07, 2012 at 01:27 PM
Folks, Like I said before! In the age of the Technocrats...>>>regarding Power utilities, Smart meters is the tool where you will be sold & forced to use LESS of a product and be FORCED to pay an ever Increasing and premium Price for it. I believe that is what is happening and it is supported by many industry and so called "Main stream articles" published to date. The Video explains it below. (NOTE: Mr Thiesen, makes reference to energy harvesting, look at the link at the bottom. I do not understand (as Of yet .) how the Utilities will be able to take advantage of energy harvesting and how they will collect it, reroute it to the power grid, and resell it to the ratepayer, as they would have to con the ratepayer in installing an energy harvester on their premises and having it wires as to by-pass the smart meter and feed the harvested energy back into the grid.) http://bcfreedom.wordpress.com/2012/10/07/smart-grid-money-trail-energy-harvesting-devastating-corrosion/ .....and do prepare for this. Fire may start at the "HOT SOCKET" and with smart meters will and at this as well! Enjoy! http://emfsafetynetwork.org/?page_id=1280 For me the only ratepayer action at this stage of abuse, is to file AN OPT OUT DEFERRAL and wait and see what happens with the Public Service Commission GNOMES on Mt. St Paul! Till then it is really a FREE RIDE. Why elect to throw yourself under the Utility BUS voluntarily? MSMA has worked hard for you! Please do not let yourselves DOWN!
George Karadimas October 07, 2012 at 01:49 PM
In the Alternative, you can join Disturbed12 below. "How come when ever the electric co-op put a smart meter on my house I started having ringing in my ears, then a constant dull headache, felt like I couldn't breath, felt fatigued all the time, was drinking over a gallon of water a day and was having nose bleeds like never before. On 2 different occasions I went on trip for 2 weeks where the symptoms went away but soon returned when I got home. I live in a small town in Louisiana and knew nothing about smart meter related health problems. I was miserable, didn't want to do anything. Doing a google search of my symptoms at first I thought it was menopause, but the nosebleeds??? Finally I ran across an article from 2005 regarding electromagnetic radiation & epilepsy. There it was- all my symptoms, and how electromagnetic radiation mimics high altitude sickness and why. There were no cell phones towers built near my home & I had not changed cell phone use or anything of that nature. A google search of electromagnetic radiation took me to- you guessed it- SMART METERS!!! After suffering for 6 months and having no idea what was going on I had a clue. I contacted my Electric co-op who told me I was crazy & my smart meter was not wireless- it was broadband. I persisted in having them remove it. I presented them with the facts, they finally removed it and all those mysterious symptoms went away. Imagine that... !! "


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