Three Bowie Teens Face Multiple Theft Charges

One suspect was apprehended at the scene of a burglary and two others were arrested shortly thereafter.

Three Bowie teens are facing theft charges related to a string of recent crimes, according to a police report.

Bowie police responded to a breaking and entering call on the 15200 block of Dalebrook Drive where the victim told them that three young men had broken into his garage and taken property before fleeing in an unknown direction.

While on the scene, police observed a suspect walking down the street that fit the victim’s description and carrying an item that fit the description a stolen item. Police apprehended the suspect and were able to identify him as one of the three who broke into the garage using a video recorded by home surveillance equipment at the time of the theft.

Officers also identified the three suspects in the video as matching the description of suspects in an attempted theft from an auto on Jeremiah Lane earlier that day. Police said they were able to confirm that the suspects in the residential burglary and the suspects in the attempted auto theft were the same people.

Police also said the suspect in custody confessed that he and his two accomplices also had stolen three bicycles prior to attempting the theft on Jeremiah Lane.

Two of the three suspects were identified as being involved in another theft from an auto on Dunleigh Court around the same time as the residential burglary.

The suspect in custody has been charged with burglary, theft and attempted theft from an auto, according to police. The other two suspects also were captured and face the same charges, according to Bowie Police Chief John Nesky. 

The youths have not been charged with the bicycle thefts as police have not been able to identify the victims, said Nesky. 


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