Police: Substitute Teacher Drove Boy's Head Into Desk for Throwing Spitwads

A substitute teacher from Hyattsville is charged with felony assault.

A substitute teacher from Hyattsville is charged with felony assault. File | Patch
A substitute teacher from Hyattsville is charged with felony assault. File | Patch

Authorities claim a substitute teacher from Hyattsville drove a sixth-grade student’s head into his desk with enough force to give him a concussion – after he allegedly wouldn’t stop throwing spit wads, reports The Washington Post.

Georgette Takideu, 47, was charged with assault and cruelty to children for the November incident at a Northeast Washington school, the newspaper says.

Officials told WJLA TV that Takideu surrendered to authorities Wednesday on charges of felony assault.

Takideu pleaded not guilty at her arraignment Wednesday and denied the accusations in an interview with police, according to the Post.

Police say a student made a complaint to the principal, who investigated. According to the Post, one of the students said the teacher told the 11-year-old boy, “You should die young.”

WJLA says that multiple students went to school administrators to say that the teacher had repeatedly knocked on the student's head "as if someone were knocking on a door."

Court documents obtained by the Post indicate that Takideu denied hitting or harming the child, says WJLA. The boy's mother says that her son suffered a head injury. She reportedly produced medical records showing he had suffered a concussion.

Takideu told police that when the boy refused to stop throwing paper, she placed her hand on his head and told him to sit, the Post reports.

"A teacher is supposed to be a parent and take care of the child," parent Julius Tumushabe told WJLA. "We trust our teachers with our children to be the parents when we're not there.

Read the full story on the Washington Post website.

Wm D. H. January 12, 2014 at 11:35 AM
Damn shame. Period. Tell me how the brat is. Is he broken, did he die? Was it in a class that will not help him earn one red cent when it comes time to? My most remembered English teacher, Mr. Ponietowski, picked my big ass up in the all in one desk chair combo , and threw me next to his desk. All because i talked. City, State, Country, parents, all panty waste ! Beat some of the brats asses and maybe they wont have strangers doing for them. Mental duress? What about the adults Mental Duress? Bills, homes, jobs, relationships.... and drip. named Billy wants to show his dumbness. Be fo real! Stop the ignorance , start giving them what for!
Barbara DeShong January 12, 2014 at 02:47 PM
"A teacher is supposed to be a parent and take care of the child,..." WRONG. Teachers are the educators of our children. They are not substitute parents! Parents need to teach their children how to behave so that teachers can teach - period. Obviously this kid didn't know how to behave. Throwing spitwads. Asked repeatedly to stop. The parents of that child should be brought up on charges for emotional abuse of the teacher and interfering and delaying the education of the other students in that class. Maybe once we start holding parents accountable for the bad upbringing of their children, teachers will be able to teach again.
skj January 13, 2014 at 07:30 AM
This is the problem with the kids in school today. The kids run the school and the teachers are left to fend for themselves because school administrators are too afraid to do anything to anger the parents who are often just as unruly. Any 11 year old who is obnoxious enough to throw spitwads, especially after being told to stop, certainly deserves discipline. Maybe if the parents taught their kid to respect authority this issue wouldn't even be an issue! Whatever happened to the days when if a kid got in trouble at school he hoped no one would tell his parents because he would REALLY "get it" when he got home? These days some kids act a damn fool knowing they can cry to mommy and daddy and get the teacher in trouble. Put some heat to little Johnny's behind and stop bothering the rest of us with your kid's bad behavior.
Wm D. H. January 13, 2014 at 03:33 PM
Courts and police are what happened. To kids not caring at all. Courts do not care about the children coming from a two parent family , and no one can touch a child. Well,,, if we the parent cant raise em right, the state will have to fix em when the brats are older. Sad sad sad country
Wm D. H. January 13, 2014 at 03:43 PM
One more thing: Stop hugging trees and start correcting your diaper fillers. Make them know that BELTS hold up pants and beat the assess of what fills the pants. My dad would beat me in advance of me screw up, and after. After awhile I just got the prebeating, cause I did not want two, I stopped screwing up. Sick math right?


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