Police Arrest 2 on Theft Charges

Bowie police say two men allegedly took the rims and tires off a parked vehicle.

Bowie Police arrested two men and charged them with theft on Wednesday after responding to an anonymous tip, according to a police report.

Kingston Charles Williams of Clinton and Isaac Ahanmis of Capital Heights were both arrested and charged after police saw rims and tires in the backseat of their vehicle during a traffic stop. Police said they believed the rims and tires were stolen. 

The report said that shortly before 2 a.m. on Oct. 17,  Bowie police received a call from an anonymous tipster that someone was removing aluminum rims and tires from a car parked in an apartment complex parking lot at the 16500 block of Governor’s Bridge Road.

According to the report, officers went to the scene and canvassed the parking lot looking for evidence of theft when they found a black Infinity sitting up on bricks, missing its tires and rims.  

Police reported they saw a suspicious vehicle leaving the parking lot and stopped the vehicle. When the officers approached the car, they saw aluminum rims, tires and a car jack in the backseat. The two suspects, Williams and Ahanmis, were both arrested and charged with theft, according to the police report. The rims and tires were reported to have belonged to the Infinity in the parking lot.

The investigation is ongoing and other charges are pending, as police are looking into the possibility that this theft may be connected to others in the area, according to Bowie Police Chief John Nesky.

Shaka Zulu October 23, 2012 at 03:59 PM
Heres to the tipster for being a upstanding member of society and of course to the police for arresting the criminals, now will the judge do his part and lock them up for long enough to change their ways


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