Increased Police Presence, But No Lockdown, at Bowie High

An Instagram reference to a student being shot caused alarm Wedensday.

An Instagram message sent by a Bowie High School student raised concerns Wednesday, prompting Bowie police to deploy extra officers to the annex, the separate building where freshmen students attend classes.

“There was a reference in an Instagram message saying a student was going to be shot,” said Bowie Police Chief John Nesky.

When that student did not show up at school Wednesday, police decided to take some precautionary measures and have extra officers at the school and annex to ensure security. 

Rumors were flying on Twitter, with Bowie High students stating that lights in the annex classrooms were off and that the building was on lockdown due to a gun threat

Police say there was never a lockdown instituted at the annex or at the high school. 

“We could not substantiate anything. There was no verified threat, no lockdown,” said Nesky. 

Briant Coleman, a spokesperson for Prince George's County Public Schools (PCGSP), confirmed that Bowie High was not placed on lockdown at any point today. 

The article has been updated to reflect comment from PGCPS.

Michaele February 20, 2013 at 05:54 PM
Thank you for this update - my daughter has been texting me from the main building at BHS - all the kids are worried - nothing being communicated to them but they SEE all the Twitter posts, Facebook posts and Instagram posts flying around. PGCPS informs about nothing - major news networks had no info...but this affects thousands of kids! It is painful to be sitting at work with no real clue about what is happening! Thank you Bowie Patch!
Zinna February 20, 2013 at 06:58 PM
This is why we have the Patch. For our local news. Thanks so much for posting.


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