Bowie Home Consumed in Generator Fire

A Bowie home at a second location was found to have low-levels of carbon monoxide, also from a gas generator.

A single-family home in Bowie was consumed by flames on Saturday when a gas generator was placed too close to the home and ignited a fire, according to the Prince George’s County Fire Department (PGFD).

The house fire occurred following the power outage caused by .

According to PGFD Public Information Officer Mark Brady’s blog, when firefighters arrived at the home in the 3100 block of Teal Lane, they found the home consumed by heavy fire conditions.

The home sustained significant damage but the occupants were not injured.

Just prior to the house fire, PGFD blog reported that firefighters responded to a call on Jenkins Ridge Road, when a homeowner was suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning that resulted from a gas generator that was placed on a porch near an open door.

Firefighters detected low levels of CO and the resident was already exhibiting signs of exposure to the deadly gas. The home was ventilated and the homeowner was evaluated by paramedics and declined transportation to the hospital, according to PGFD.


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