Snow Pushing in Bowie

A shout-out to all of the personnel who worked diligently in clearing the major and side streets.  It would have been havoc trying to get out of some of our communities had this not been in place.  My only complaint is one that probably will resonate with many homeowners and that is... When the snow plows push the snow down the middle of the street, it very often takes up a good portion of the driving area and if the snow freezes, as it has this year, the street area remains blocked until the temperatures rise enough to cause a meltdown.  This has been an unusual year of temperatures below freezing and perhaps it has set a precedent.  Also snow is pushed to the corners of the street which is usually an intersection, which blocks the motorist's view when trying to look for on coming traffic.  It would seem to me that all intersections (corners ) of streets should remain unblocked to avoid accidents.  It may be that this can only be accomplished with the actual REMOVAL of the snow in those areas. 


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