Pineapple Orange Banana Sorbet

Beating the heat is simple with this easy sorbet.

In its simplest form, sorbet is a frozen dessert made with fruit juice or puree and a sweetener. Most often the sweetener is simple syrup, a syrup made by boiling equal amounts of sugar and water just until the sugar dissolves. The cooled syrup is stirred into the fruit juice or puree then poured into an ice cream machine where it’s churned until it thickens. After a stint in the freezer, you’ll have a nice, refreshing fruit sorbet.

Don’t have an ice cream maker? No problem. You can make an acceptable sorbet without one. Once you’ve added the simple syrup to the fruit puree or juice, pour the mixture into baking dish and place it in the freezer. Once it starts to firm around the edges, use a spoon or spatula to stir the mixture periodically. This will keep it from freezing into a hard, solid mass.  

For an even faster version—you get to skip pureeing the fruit—I like to use a thawed, 12-ounce can of frozen juice concentrate. My family loves this Pineapple Orange Banana version, but experiment with your favorite flavors. You can have this recipe in the freezer in minutes.

Pineapple Orange Banana Sorbet

Makes about 1 quart.

¾ cup sugar

¾ cup water

1 12-oz frozen pineapple orange banana concentrate, thawed

Bring water and sugar to a boil in a small sauce pot over medium high heat, stirring until sugar dissolves. Remove simple syrup from heat and set aside to cool to room temperature.

Stir concentrate into simple syrup. Pour into bowl of an ice cream machine and churn until thickened, about 30 minutes. Place in freezer safe container and freeze until firm, at least 2 hours. 


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