Report: Jason Scott Trial Postponed After Witness Attempts Suicide

The witness, a family member, reportedly walked into traffic after becoming distraught over testifying.

The murder trial of Upper Marlboro resident Jason Scott was delayed Tuesday after just one day in court following the news that a witness attempted to commit suicide, ABC2 reports.

Police told WJLA that the witness, who was a relative of victims Delores Dewitt and Ebony Dewitt, became so upset over testifying at the trial that she walked into traffic in an attempt to take her own life. 

The prosecution has requested an extension before proceeding with the case, the news channel reports.

Scott is facing premeditated murder charges for the 2009 slayings of both Dewitts, whose bodies were found in a burning vehicle not far from their home.

A medical examiner testified Tuesday that both women were killed by asphyxiation prior to the vehicle being set on fire, according to The Washington Post

In 2012, Scott was sentenced to 100 years in federal prison for various charges related to home invasions, burglaries, and child pornography.

No date has been announced yet for the trial to resume.


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