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Adopt a Friend - "Tank" The Remarkable and Lovable Doggie

Adopt a Friend - "Tank" a Remarkable and Lovable Doggie

ADOPT A FRIEND - "Tank" ID# A366492

What happens to a dog who has been mistreated?  What happens to a dog that is hit when it disobeys?  What happens to a dog that is ignored?  What happens to a dog that hears nothing but yelling?

That dog learns to mistrust humans, to fear the raise of the hand.  THERE ARE NO BAD DOGS......JUST UNEDUCATED OWNERS. 

Tank is a very special dog, sweet and lovable.  The only thing he asks is that you give him attention, a little love and allow him to love you.  With just a little love, attention and some obedience training, Tank will be the model pet and you will have a life filled with smiles and a partner to fill your heart with love.

NAME:  “Tank”

COUNTY ID #:  A366492

AGE:  1 year 6 months     

GENDER:  Neutered Male

BREED:   American Bulldog

WEIGHT:  Approximately 64 lbs.

COLOR:  Brown brindle and white

HOBBIES:   Staying close and wagging his tail.  Laying his head in your lap.

PERSONALITY:  Tank is very sweet and gentle.  He would do well in a quiet home with lots of love and reassurance that all people aren’t bad.  Older children should be ok, just little ones may be too much for him. Prefer a home with no cats or small animals.

If you or anyone you know is interested in adopting the wonderful pet featured this week, please call the Prince George's Animals Management Facility in Upper Marlboro at 301-780-7201 to check on the availability. You may also visit www.pgamd.petfinder.com or www.petharbor.com to see many more precious pets that are available for adoption.

ASK FOR “TANK” A366492


Hope for Shy Dogs

Once the holidays pass, work with your pet to teach him skills to cope with and even overcome shyness. Not all pets get scared by the same things. Some fear strangers, others cars, still others get spooked by certain sounds or smells.

Most behaviorists say that half of behavior is based on genetics and the other half is based on experience. So if your dog naturally tends to be shy, positive experiences can help him gain confidence.

Though early socialization is best, it’s never too late to help a shy dog. The most
important trait that dogs and humans share is our ability to adapt, change, and improve.

The key to this change is making tiny, incremental steps. Exposing a dog to too much, too quickly, could make him more afraid.

If your dog fears crowds, let one or two people give him treats and praise until he relaxes. Then expose him to three people, then five. If your dog is nervous when you go for a walk, take him on short strolls in a quiet neighborhood at first, gradually working up to walks in the city or other scary, noisy places. Slow, patient exposure allows a dog to learn to succeed.

Gentle Obedience Training

You can build a dog’s confidence through an obedience training class or on your own, as long as the training methods stay positive. Teach your dog simple, fun commands and reward him with treats and praise.

When you’re in a strange situation and your dog gets anxious, ask him to do one of those simple commands. When he concentrates on his “job,” he forgets his worries.

Dogs can do things for other dogs that no human can. If you think your dog can handle it, introduce him to calm dogs. Often, shy dogs will watch the relaxed, happy behavior of well-adjusted dogs and become less anxious. It’s not unusual for friendly dogs to want to play games that increase a shy dog’s confidence.

Helping a shy dog is a slow process. It can take months to see noticeable progress. Still, that progress is sweeter because you and your dog will succeed as a team.

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Linda Lachman February 08, 2013 at 06:00 PM
Thanks, Connie! I love your dual content of an animal in need of a loving home, and a weekly tip about the care that creates a loving bond. You're a true animal advocate.


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