Patch Q&A: Sharnae Smith

Bowie lawyer Sharnae Smith offers affordable classes to answer legal questions.

Bowie-based lawyer Sharnae Smith is offering classes at the Laurel Armory to answer some common legal questions at a much lower rate than an hourly attorney fee. Here's a little more about Smith, and how her classes could help you:

Bowie Patch: Where did you attend law school?
Sharnae Smith:  Campbell University School of Law

Bowie Patch: Why did you decide to become a lawyer?
Smith: I decided to become a lawyer during undergraduate school.  I had a compassion towards domestic violence victims and had set a goal to become an attorney to help those individuals in need of a voice.  Not to mention, I decided to become a lawyer once I realized I was not a fan of bodily fluids.  I began as a biology major but changed to a political science major.  

Bowie Patch: Can you briefly detail your legal experience and expertise?
Smith: Upon graduation from law school, I worked with several law firms in the State of Maryland which afforded me knowledge in the following areas: Family Law, Estate Planning, Bankruptcy, Business Formation, and Juvenile Law. Beyond owning my own general practice, I also currently volunteer at the Public Defender's Office in Prince George's County in the Juvenile Department, and am a Panel Attorney for the Women's Law Center in Baltimore, County where I represent low-income women in Family Law matters.  I have handled cases in Family Law, Contract Law, Landlord Tenant, Traffic, and more.

Bowie Patch: What are some of the classes you are offering in Laurel?
Smith: I have four classes that I will be teaching and rotating them on a monthly basis.
Bankruptcy 101- Should I file? What happens if I do file?  

Wills and Trusts- How to draft an enforceable simple will...

Family Law- Where and when should I file my family law case?

Criminal Law- What are my rights?

Bowie Patch: What are some examples of questions class participants would have answered in your classes?
Smith:  How long does a bankruptcy stay on your credit? Should I have an attorney represent me in my child custody case? How does the courts determine child support payments? What will happen if I don’t have a will?   Do I have to allow the police to search my trunk during a traffic stop?

Bowie Patch: What is the cost of the classes and when will they be offered?
Smith: The classes are $40 per class for Laurel residents and $45 per class for non-residents.  Classes will be offered every night beginning April 16, 2012 through July 9, 2012, excluding Memorial Day.  Each topic will be taught once a month.

Bowie Patch: Where can people find more information about your classes? How can they register?
Smith:  I have a listing of the courses, dates, and times on my website.  People may register at the door.


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