Photo of the Day: How Much do You Really Know about This Bridge?

The history of the stone bridge on Foxhill Lake remains a mystery.


Bowie Patch editors have been curious about the history of the quaint stone bridge at . Who built it, when did they build it and why?

Well, as it turns out, the city government is just as curious. Recounting the history of the bridge with any degree of certainty can’t be done at the present time, said Pam Williams. She is manager of Bowie’s historical museums, which include the .

Williams said there are no records of who built the bridge or when it was built.

But some educated guesses can be made, she said. It is certainly worth noting that the bridge is made of the same type of stone as the Belair Stables and a wall on the grounds of the Belair Mansion. The stable was constructed in approximately 1907 by the owners of the 2,500-acre Belair estate, the Woodward family.

Based upon those facts, it can be assumed that the bridge was built sometime in the late 19th to early 20th century by the Woodward family,  Williams said.

“They owned all the land,” she said. “Back then, if people owned something and wanted to build, they didn’t have to ask permission like now. They just did it. What a concept.”

Williams said the city is very interested in learning more about the bridge. Her contact information is 301-809-3089, pwilliams@cityofbowie.org.


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