'Hallelujah Girls' Opening Friday

The lighthearted play about female friendships opens at the Bowie Playhouse on Friday and runs through Dec. 23.

Five lifelong friends look for love and try to realize their dreams in Bowie on Friday with the opening of Prince George’s Little Theater’s latest production.

Hallelujah Girls, described by director Estelle Miller as a fun, lighthearted story about “women of a certain age.” It tells the story of five women who are each looking for happiness in their lives—be that love, a new business venture, happiness in marriage or happiness for their children.

“They all have stories, they all have histories,” said Miller.

Miller has been directing for 46 years and said Hallelujah Girls appeal to her because it was so lighthearted and well written, and because she loves working with female ensemble casts.

The play, said Miller, is really a tribute to women with friends.

“These women support each other weather they make good decisions or bad decisions because they love each other,” Miller said of the play’s characters.

The concept is for everyone to walk out of the theater happy and humming, said Miller.

Hallelujah Girls opens at 8 p.m. on Friday at the Bowie Playhouse. Check the event listings here, here and here for more details and to purchase tickets.


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