Things to do on a Snow Day

Ideas for riding out the storm out in Town or in the comfort of your own home.

If there's enough snow, make your own snowperson.|Photo credit: Patch file
If there's enough snow, make your own snowperson.|Photo credit: Patch file

By Kaitlyn Laabs 

Whether your prefer to ride out the weather bundled up inside or are ready to brave the snow, Patch has got you covered with ideas on how to keep yourself (and the little ones) entertained. 

Outdoor Activities: 

  • Go sledding: Check out some of the great hills in Bowie. Be careful and stay warm!
  • Create: a snowman, snow lady, or snowperson (if you are politically correct) or a snow family—if there's enough snow. You can jazz up your snow people by F spray bottles with food coloring. Make sure to use one color per bottle. Fresh snow is the perfect canvas for your colorful artwork. 
  • Build: a snow fort or igloo (be careful of cave-ins!). Get out your shovel to create a snow maze, setting the stage for children to play tag or "Marco Polo."
  • Explore: Take a walk down the snowy streets of your neighborhood, or down the trails of Whitemarsh Park.

indoor activities: 

  • Bake and Cook: Cookies, brownies, muffins, oh my!
  • Play: Dig out the Monopoly game, Scrabble game, or any other board game for a family tournament. A jigsaw puzzle on the dining room table can also be a fun focal point for the entire family.
  • Get Artsy: A craft project of any kind will keep the creative juices flowing.  Get out the supply of construction paper, crayons, colored pencils, markers, glue and glitter. Have the little ones create a gallery of masterpieces for the fridge. Have any spare cotton balls around? A snow scene on dark blue paper with cotton balls and silver glitter will bring the winter wonderland indoors. 
  • Feed the Birds: Another fun activity to do with the kids is peanut butter-birdseed-pinecones. Loop a strand of wool, string or ribbon on the end of a pinecone. Roll pinecones in peanut butter then dip in birdseed. Hang outdoors as a tasty treat for our feathered friends.


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