Maryland Town Voted 'America's Coolest Small Town'

Berlin, MD, just 10 minutes from Ocean City on the Eastern Shore, has been voted America's Coolest Small Town.

Berlin, MD, just 10 minutes from Ocean City on the Eastern Shore, has been voted America's Coolest Small Town. Credit: Screenshot from Collegiate News Service video
Berlin, MD, just 10 minutes from Ocean City on the Eastern Shore, has been voted America's Coolest Small Town. Credit: Screenshot from Collegiate News Service video

Does spring fever have you planning a trip to the Eastern Shore to stroll the Ocean City boardwalk or glimpse the wild ponies on Assateague Island?

Maybe you should consider visiting Berlin, Md., population 4,563, voted "America's Coolest Small Town" by Budget Travel.

"We just had no idea we had so many friends," Berlin Mayor Gee Williams told WBAL-AM 1090. "We are absolutely delighted, especially because this started out as an unbelievable outpouring of pride and friendship initiated by our citizens, but what allowed us to win was this pride, this friendship extended well beyond this town's borders."

The results were announced Feb. 25.

Here’s how the travel site describes Berlin, in part:

“Berlin … (is) a truly spectacular place to visit or put down roots. Like the beautiful backdrops in the films Tuck Everlasting and The Runaway Bride? Thank Berlin, where both movies were shot. Ready for a getaway that includes Maryland's awesome Ocean City beach and boardwalk and gorgeous Assateague Island? They're just a few miles from Berlin's downtown (a National Register Historic District), which plays host to fun events all year long, from the regular farmers market to one-of-a-kind bashes like the Berlin Fiddlers Convention, New Year's fireworks, Victorian Christmas (complete with horse-drawn carriages), and even bathtub races! Whether you're a beach lover, hiker, kayaker, bird watcher, or history aficionado, put Berlin on your list of small-town must-sees.”

The top 10 Coolest Small Towns in the contest were:

1. Berlin, Md.

2. Cazenovia, N.Y.

3. Buckhannon, W.Va.

4. Travelers Rest, S.C.

5. Mathews, Va.

6. Nevada City, Calif.

7. Rockport, Texas

8. Estes Park, Colo.

9. Galena, Ill.

10. Elkin, N.C.


Veronica Salisbury February 27, 2014 at 09:40 AM
I agree Kathryn and great idea!!
Peggy Anne February 27, 2014 at 09:58 AM
Most of our towns used to be "cool" in Maryland. I love the little window shops, and cute homes. Good for Berlin. :)
PH February 27, 2014 at 10:51 AM
Parts of Runaway Bride were also filmed in small town Westminster, Carroll County. I know, I watched the filming. Just an FYI. Congrats, Berlin!
Lilly Hinton Grabowski February 27, 2014 at 09:01 PM
I want even mention our cool town because everyone would want to come here.
Kevin Flint February 28, 2014 at 09:44 AM
take a look at our town ' the cops have the church speeker an ther dopers work togeather to break into our home breaking things steeling things takeing ammo guns skeets tools cd's change etc putting rat poison in my salt shaker ' in my refridge coffiee maker while they stalk you so they know when your home an not were u are at wallmart what u buy ' the local store in with them getting the keys to our homes along with the bar while people let ther hair down for a few hours ther crews' vets church speekers cops thugs /dopers are in our home infesting them gropping our guns in our bed 's 'when u report it the cops laugh 'it off the district attorney knows about it ' in different towns of this area ' ther crew keeps ther little pee pee's excited useing my home as ther playhouse the few hours i leave my home or when i left town for the firt time in my life ' the stores whitehairs [clerks ]slander your name to keep you alone for years ' it works out well keeping you alone for ther crews to use an break into your home our homes ' keeping ther excitement up ' the whole time the church speekers pointing at the law towards you ' they play along 'becouse ther in with them ' while ther extorction crews others are waiting for them to bankrupt another one so they can feast on ther so called miss-happ 'ther guy they call an bost about is called [ dad ] protects them [ cops ] they make sure they dont get caught ' this has gone on 16 years in my house ' i just caught them ' her vets an church speeker cops dopers an growers ' the whole town knew about ther dirtys in my home '' not one said a word to me ' not one in 16 years all potheads whiskey drunks vets cops iracky to nam ' all involved ' ya ya ya ya checxk out our little town ' who culd you tell anyway ' as they brag up here in maine ' its not going to matter anyway ' let them know '' lauging drivering around town flonting what they stold from my house 'who i lived with a maine state trooper for 3 years with ' while after two days of her death they started a campain agains tearing my name down /slandering my name dirtying my home with bugs of all kinds '' re [ re ] infesting it over an over again all the time watching who will join rt in helping destroy an hold an keep this along guy 'more alone so its easyuer to break into my /our homes ' costing people 'see how easey -er it is keeping this guy alone '' they laugh '' how can we all keep kevin alone an have ou play house too have our pie too while starveing kevin for a girl ' how store bar main street cleaver of the cops dopers vets an bullys of this town an area ' its gone on 16 years in this town ' ya check our town out america


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