Lucky's Best Is Yet To Come

Meet Lucky, a beautiful, young plott hound mix who needs a little luck in her life.


Hey there, Patch friends! My name is Lucky and I’m very pleased to meet you. I’m a gorgeous plott hound mix with striking, honey-brown eyes, and a vibrant dark brindle coat that really makes me stand out from the pack. I weigh about 50 pounds, but I’m just a little over a year old, so I still have some filling out and maturing to do. I’m a sweet and affectionate dog who needs some structure and leadership in my life. I’m great inside the house with my foster family and their dogs, but it takes me some time to trust new people and new situations. I think I probably need my own personal dog whisperer, a strong leader who will work with me to complete my rehabilitation.

I will admit that it’s a little ironic that my name is Lucky, since luck hasn’t always been on my side. I was found as a young puppy, sick and discarded on the streets of Baltimore in the dead of winter with no place to go. Thankfully, a very kind Good Samaritan took me into her home and did her best to find me a good family. After a few months of trying, she turned to Mutts Matter for help. She already had two dogs of her own and didn’t have the space or means to support me.

After a few months in foster care, I thought I'd found my forever family who promised to give me a great life, but, as you can see, I’m still looking for my place to belong. I think my adoptive family tried to make it work in the beginning, but I could be reactive on the leash to cars and passers-by, and would bark at their guests who came to visit, and my new mom didn’t approve. I’m not aggressive or a biter, I just get scared and unsure about stuff, so until I feel comfortable with you, the only thing I know to do is be vocal about it. My dad even brought in a trainer to help, and we were making great progress, but I guess it wasn’t fast enough. It was really sad for me to leave them; I especially loved my dad, who really saw my potential. 

Now I’m in a new foster home with a fresh lease on life. I really love my foster parents, Travis and Laura, and adore my pup siblings, Bubba and Ruckus. Ruckus is my playmate, but also the leader of our pack, so I respect him and he keeps me in line. Bubba is my source of comfort, and I love to snuggle up next to her. I’ve learned a lot from them about canine manners, like how to share my toys and respect their space. On any given day, you’ll find me romping around the back yard with my two buddies, chewing on a tasty bone, or laying on top of my foster parents on the couch. This is the life! They keep telling me I’m too big to be a lap dog, but I can tell they don’t really mean it. 

You’ve probably gathered from my story that I’m still a work in progress. I wake up every morning wagging my tail, greeting my foster dad with pure joy and enthusiasm to start our day. He loves me and is doing his best to help me settle in. He takes me on several walks a day, which is good because, as an energetic young pup, I need lots of daily exercise to stay balanced. Some days, I’m a good girl and play by all the rules. Some days, I’m not. I have a high prey drive for chasing small animals, which is pretty common for my breed. I sometimes bark and growl when I’m out on the leash, and will try to chase a car on occasion. New people in the house make me a little nervous, and I tend to bark at them for a few minutes until I trust that they’re OK. I don’t mean to harm or scare anyone; I just haven’t learned to trust strangers yet. I know I can get better, but it’s going to take some work.

The folks at Mutts Matter really believe in me and are committed to finding me the right family. Since I haven't had much stability in my life, I need a family who has time to spend with me and will work with me to help me feel secure and ensure I get my daily exercise. I need a dog-savvy owner who will commit to my training and can lead me to the next step in my rehabilitation.

Mutts Matter thinks I would do best in a home with a fenced yard where I can run and play. Kids are not ideal for me because I need a more predictable, calm environment, but another dog in the home is a MUST. I need a secure dog to show me the ropes – like Ruckus – and that will really help me settle into my new pack. I'm potty-trained, crate-trained, and have been through some professional training, so I know some basic commands like “sit” and “down.” I’m a very smart pup and I love treats, so I will make an excellent student.

I’m probably never going to be a socialite or your party dog, at least not yet, but I can be the most loyal, faithful and loving companion you’ve ever met. I just need a chance to prove it.


To learn more about Lucky, go to the Mutts Matter Adoption Page and fill out an application, or you can contact Suzanne at suzanne@muttsmatterrescue.com.

Follow Mutts Matter on Facebook to learn more about us and see new pups coming into the rescue!



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