Hyattsville Woman to Represent Maryland in 2014 Mrs. Plus America Pageant

Kristus Ratliff is Mrs. Maryland Plus America 2014 and promotes the empowerment of women through music.

Kristus M. Ratliff. Photo Credit: Kristus M. Ratliff Facebook
Kristus M. Ratliff. Photo Credit: Kristus M. Ratliff Facebook
Kristus M. Ratliff, a Hyattsville IT senior manager and musician, has been crowned Mrs. Maryland Plus America 2014.

Ratliff, 33, will compete in the 2014 Miss Plus America Pageant against other contestants from across the United States this summer in Atlanta at the Westin Hotel & Resort. The pageant will take place from July 1 to 5.

The Miss Plus America Pageant, put on by Coronet Productions, is a competition that promotes “the sophisticated, ambitious, responsible and community service oriented full-figured woman of the new millenium.”

“It is an honor to represent the State of Maryland in the Miss Plus America Pageant,” Ratliff said. “I hope to bring the title home to Maryland this July and continue spreading my positive message of empowerment and self-love to girls and women.”

On top of promoting empowerment for women through her platform Sing Your Own Song, Ratliff is a graduate of American University, a senior project manager for an IT consulting form, a serial entrepreneur who has launched several successful businesses including Ratliff Events and Lifestyle Experts, a volunteering project manager with Taproot Foundation, and a member of the worship ministry and media team at DC Regional Christian Church.

“Sing Your Own Song is my way of encouraging girls to use music as a tool to share their unique perspectives with the world and conquer their fears,” Ratliff said. “There is a powerful woman inside of every girl. I believe that music is the key to unlocking that potential.”

Ratliff found music to help her through the challenges she faced in her life. “When I was on stage, I was forced to silence my insecurities, and forget about my painful past,” she said. “It required a level of focus and attention that left no room for my baggage.”

To promote her platform, Ratliff will be teaming up with Girls Rock! DC. The local non-profit organization holds two two-week long summer camps each year for girls in the tri-state area. Campers will have the chance to learn to play an instrument, perform on stage, develop leadership skills, learn to work in teams, and learn to take risks - like performing on stage.

“Kristus is an ideal candidate for the Miss Plus America Pageant,” said Executive Director for Coronet Productions Melissa Stamper. “We are proud to have her as a state titleholder.”

To learn more about Ratliff and Sing Your Own Song, visit her website.

wizzardofwood May 12, 2014 at 02:53 PM
to your response ,,,emh she may be all of what you said but as a person who lost both parents to obese lifestyle .its a coverup ..........they both did alot of "im happy with who I am" but lost the life they wanted to continue because of being overweight. you can kiss up all you want to overweight but we all make choices ,my problem is we celebrate an unhealthy life choice as if it was a walk in the park...lets face it if your choice is BBW keep them but id prefer a healthy woman who respects her body in a healthy way not cover up her or his ability to stop being given a pass to a shorter life
Kristus Ratliff May 16, 2014 at 10:32 PM
I didn't realize that my good news and "curvy" shape would be so controversial. Just to clear things up. There seems to be an unstated assumption that because I am "curvy", or as some have pointed out "fat", I am unhealthy. This is a poor assumption based on poor logic (and absolutely no knowledge of my lifestyle or health condition). Weight is not the only indicator of health or overall wellness. There are many people that are thin who are not fit, healthy or well. Likewise there are many people who are "fat" that are also healthy, fit and well. I am a strong advocate for healthy living and enjoy regular exercise like walking, running and bike riding. In my spare time, I organize health and wellness events for women and encourage women of all shapes and sizes to love themselves and take care of their bodies. I believe that if you want to see women be healthy, you must first seek to understand their needs and offer support, not name calling and pre-judgement. Thank you emh for your kind words.
Phillip Michael Bailey-Griffith May 17, 2014 at 03:45 AM
As a director of this system, I am proud of you for making a difference. We must continue educate those who comment about a system designed to empower, embrace, teach, and develop full-figured women to HAPPY and HEALTHY. Many of these ladies over the years have changed for the better, learned to love themselves, and accept who they are in Christ. We as society should embrace people for who they ARE and NOT what I think they should be. Kristus Ratcliff walk in your purpose, because if God be for you, who can stand against you?


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