City of Bowie House Decorating Contest Winners

Two winners received cash prizes.

The city of Bowie announced the winners of its 31st annual House Decorating Contest, with two lucky winners taking home cash prizes.

The top winners were the residents of 1300 Palmyra Ln., who won the Pirmohamed Family Award, and the residents of 16101 Penn Manor Ln., who won the Mateik-Pitts Family Award. Each family award came with a $100 prize.

The 10 Best of Bowie Award winners received a White House tree ornament and the 10 Spirit award winners received a Belair Mansion tree ornament.

The the contest winners are listed below, and can be found on the city of Bowie's website.

The Pirmohamed Family Award

1300 Palmyra Ln.

The Mateik-Pitts Family Award

16101 Penn Manor Ln.

Best of Bowie Award

12623 Hemming Ln.
2616 Felter Ln.
12602 Kilbourne Ln.
12201 Tulip Grove Dr.
2420 Kelford Ln.
1732 Peachtree Ln.
12142 Long Ridge Ln.
12109 Faith Ln.
12419 Shawmont Ln.
12304 Flamingo Ln.

Spirit Award

16000 Partell Ct.
4904 Reston Ln.
13220 Ovalstone Ln.
6307 Gradys Walk
12105 Forge Ln.
12805 Kendale Ln.
2703 Birdseye Ln.
12503 Brewster Ln.
2701 Kenhill Dr.
12002 Terra Ln.


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