July 20, 2014 Snapology

See what you can build!  July 20, 2014 443-878-1222
See what you can build! July 20, 2014 443-878-1222
You are invited,  http://animoto.com/play/e5sLutXK6kfHdkygT01IKQ
Looking for something COOL and FREE to do with the family? Well, Sunday July 20, 2014 is it.  Snapology is hosting an OPEN HOUSE!  www.bwi.snapolog.com 

Snapology is a fresh and FUN way of approaching science, technology, engineering and math!  At Snapology, we get excited about learning through creative play and are masters in assisting kids to use their critical thinking skills.

Snapology is Howard Counties first ever state of the art LEGO® Discovery Center.  We are home to Model Building and Robotics Classes, Holiday & Summer Camps, Foreign language classes and Open Lego® Lab and are now ready to bring our fun-filled enrichment activities to your science and math programs.

There will be fun, food, entertainment and oh, yeah! LEGOS!!!

See you on July 20, 2014


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