Bowie & Crofton Open Water Swimmers In Chesapeake Bay Swim

Let's start some noise for Bowie and Crofton open water swimmers! The Great Chesapeake Bay Swim 2013 is coming up on June 9th! Crofton is dominating in the 4.4 mile swim this year!

544 Entrants: https://www.lin-mark.com/EntrantsList.aspx?guid=90653502-c084-478e-9b83-b71dd2288e17
Info: https://www.lin-mark.com/RaceDetails.aspx?guid=90653502-c084-478e-9b83-b71dd2288e17

Clark, Michael M 46 Crofton
Corey, Donna F 47 Crofton
Graban, Michael M 43 Crofton
Hoge, Philip M 57 Crofton
LaPaglia, David M 46 Crofton
Swensen, C. M 54 Crofton
Swensen, Kelsey F 22 Crofton

Great Chesapeake Bay Swim 2013 - 1 Mile Challenge
548 Entrants: https://www.lin-mark.com/EntrantsList.aspx?guid=3905670f-dbf7-4554-843a-b344a22138c0
Info: https://www.lin-mark.com/RaceDetails.aspx?guid=3905670f-dbf7-4554-843a-b344a22138c0

Ferrarelli, Leslie F 32 Bowie
Ferrarelli, Matthew M 32 Bowie
Floyd, Jack M 56 Bowie
Grogard, Mary F 56 Bowie
Lyon, Garrett M 29 Crofton
Mazyck, Carla F 52 Crofton
Suddeth, Brian M 52 Bowie
Tierney, Kaitlin F 31 Crofton
Tokay, Maura F 41 Crofton
VanHorne, Tanya F 43 Crofton
Zarchin, Karen F 38 Crofton


I did the 1 mile in butterfly in 2011, and the full 4.4. in 2012. I'd planned to partner with a friend this year in the mile, but he can't make it, so I'll be trying to beat my 2011 time in the mile butterfly swim this year. We'll be entering the water for the mile swim about 7:45 AM!


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